Villa Mer des Caraïbes 

Rent a dream Villa between summits and sea

This magnificient Villa set between the sea and the mountainous part of the island and located in the midst of one of the most scenic tourist sites of Guadeloupe, presents :

  • On the sea side, a splendid panorama view of the Malendure beach and the islet of Pigeon which are themselves surrounded by a zone of exceptional sea-bottoms known as the "Cousteau Reserve" where you can scuba dive, enjoy sea-kayaking, ride wave-runners, go sailing, as well as depart for sport fishing outings or just go out to spot passing whales and dolphins.
  • On the mountain side, a 66.76 square mile (42,731 acres) National Park covered in luxuriant subtropical vegetation, including spectacular water-falls and mountain cascades where you can go for hikes on trails, go to the treetop adventure park or engage in canyoning. This wilderness natural area is a wonderful adventurous terrain for those who love to tramp in the great outdoors.

You may of course wish to visit the other pictoresque sites of Guadeloupe.


At midday and at the end of the day, you will find nearby a choice of restaurants where you may savour :

  • In keeping with the French Tradition but with a local flavour, the "aperitif" consisting of French West Indian "Ti-punch" which should be accompanied wih "accras" (cod fritters) and traditional Creole "boudin" (an assortment of sausages or pudding).
  • As a main dish, "colombo de cabri" (a kind of local goat curry) or a "court-bouillon de poissons" (a tasty dish of poached salt-water fish) or a grilled spiny-lobster.
  • For dessert, coconut sherbet or "Bananes flambées" (a Caribbean style of preparing bananas : Flambé whith aged Guadeloupean rum).

​To top everything off, why not let yourself be captivated by the rythmic pulse of the biguine (a local dance and the music to which one dances it) and lulled by the mildness of the climate, the easy way of life and the pleasantness of the scenery. But beware, the hardest thing will be to take leave of our little gettaway.

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Villa mer des Caraïbes